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For dental and medical professionals, best practice requires creating the correct levels of magnification and the optimum lighting environments for clinical procedures.

Kaps Dental Microscope

Kaps Microscope

Look, Touch, Move

The distinctive Kaps Dental Microscope systems are fully customizable …

Univet Dental Loupes


Italian Style and Function

Univet magnification systems: Whatever your profession, whatever your need…

MeridentOptergo Loupes


Ergonomic Optical Solutions

See better, feel better. Not just glasses or loupes – but much more …

POV Illumination

POV Illumination

Portability no compromise

Increase your depth of vision, reduce eye fatigue and provide optimum freedom of movement …


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Optident Vision Boutique was created to offer a wide range of magnification and lighting to the dental and medical industries.

Dental and medical treatments demand a high level of concentration and can be exhausting, especially on the eyes. Reduced vision and insufficient lighting can result in high levels of fatigue and can compromise working posture. Optident Vision Boutiques’s extensive range of loupes and lighting provide solutions for everyone, reducing back and neck strain, making life easier on the eyes.

Magnification is not just for people with deteriorating eyesight ! Loupes and Microscopes allow you to see much more detail enabling you to observe and treat cases that you may not have been able to see with the naked eye.

We work with some of the highest quality manufacturers such as Kaps, Univet , Merident Optergo and Optilume.

Each pair of dental loupes are custom made to the measurements of the wearer, including interpupiliar distance, width of the face, height of the pupils and the length of the ear pieces. This ensures they are the most comfortable fit with optimum performance, working distance and field of vision. These loupes are available in Galilean TTL (through the lens), Flip-up, Prismatic and prism enhanced.

Dental loupes can also look good. With the new designs from Univet the Ash and the Techne frames are stylish as well as functional.

Merident Optergo loupes offer additional health benefits with the very light weight frames and the build in prism lens which forces you to sit in a more upright position for a better working posture.

Kaps microscopes offer the very highest level of magnification perfect for restorative and endodontic dental procedures.